Growler Policy

Growler Fill Options!

brewyard growler policy
Photo Credit: Clifford Williams

We understand the dilemma of the craft beer fan when it comes to growlers. It’s a slippery slope. First it starts with a small collection above your fridge or in your kitchen cabinets. Eventually they start lining all your walls and spilling out of your closet or garage. To help address this insatiable urge to hoard growlers, we are opening up our growler filling options to pretty much any 64oz or 32oz growler you may have in your possession.

You will still need to do the following before we can fill up your growler:

  • Verify the growler is constructed of either dark glass or stainless steel
  • Bring the appropriate cap for the growler to ensure a tight seal
  • Verify there is some visible marking that the growler has a 64oz or 32oz capacity
  • Cover up all other labels & logos on the bottle with tape or wrapping
  • Verify the growler is clean of all old beer and debris. (We can sanitize it for you before we fill it up)