Beers We’re Brewing

Brewyard Beer Co. is a micro-brewery in Glendale, CA owned and operated by Sherwin Antonio & Kirk Nishikawa. We specialize in a new category of Lagers called Californian “Ale’d” Lagers. The most well known of this hybrid style is the California Common (A.K.A Steam Beer).

Definition of an “Ale’d Lager”: A fermentation technique where lager yeast is fermented at higher ale-like temperatures for shorter periods of time and completely skips the lagering process.  This technique most commonly applied to the California Common (A.K.A. Steam Beer) allows for a flavor profile similar to an ale but still retains a lighter finish of a traditional Lager.  “Common” beers are a uniquely American/Californian Style of Lager not officially recognized by BJCP except for the Californian Common itself.  Some claim that this style of beer is the only true American native style.

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    • Tropico Saison w/ Passion Fruit

      Belgian Saison w/ Passion Fruit

      A nice balance of light spice and tropical fruit notes from Belgian yeast and the addition of passion fruit during fermentation. This beer originated from one of our first homebrew recipes. 6.9% ABV

    • Soul Cal

      California Common (The Original Ale’d Lager)

      A uniquely Californian beer style that was created out of necessity (due to lack of proper refrigeration) in the 1850’s during the California Gold Rush. Deep amber in color, hints of toast and caramel maltiness with an assertive earthy hoppy bitterness. This is definitely one for you amber beer lovers! 5.8%ABV

    • Imposter Syndrome

      India Pale Ale’d Lager (IPAL)

      A cross between a n IPL and an IPA. Although still flavorful, the subtleties of three types of hops (Chinook, Cascade & Columbus) shine through because of the lighter and more drinkable ale’d lager base. It’s a new hybrid beer style of its own that any hophead will enjoy. 5.9% ABV

    • Cat’z Pajamas *Limited Availability*

      Belgian Dubbel

      A rich malty beer with a spicy and mild alcoholic characteristics. Slight dark fruit aromas and flavors complemented by light hop bitterness and no lingering hop flavors.
      8.7% ABV

    • Jewel City Common *Out of Stock*

      Glendale Common

      Similar to our Soul Cal, it has a deep amber color with hints of toast and caramel maltiness.  Unlike a typical Californian Common, it has a lighter piney citrus hoppy bitterness.  5.8% ABV

    • Rocchio Dark Lager

      Rocchio Dark Ale'd Lager

      Rocchio Family Roasters roasted barley grains in their +200 year old family roaster for this special Dark Lager.  Dark in color with a light hardwood charcoal roastiness that is similar to dark coffee but with a mild maltiness. 6.0% ABV

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    • Black Sunrise

      Black Ale’d Lager

      Based on a German-style Schwarzbier but Ale’d. This beer is black as night with a mildly roasted chocolate flavor and a nice clean finish that doesn’t overpower the palate. Non-dark beer drinkers should give this one a chance. Prost! 5.4% ABV

    • Sunday Morning

      Pale Ale’d Lager

      The easiest, most drinkable yet flavorful light beer you will find. This beer provides a better craft beer alternative for those that prefer standard American Lagers. The clean crisp lager finish truly serves as a canvas to bring out the 100% malted barley grain build and our unique “Ale’d” flavor profile. 5.5% ABV

    • The Smoking Redhead

      Smoked Irish Red Ale’d Lager

      Lightly smoked with smoked barley, this well-rounded Irish Red has a pleasantly toasted malt character. The lighter ale’d lager finish allows all these flavors to take front stage while still providing for a more drinkable beer. 6.1% ABV

    • Perky DIPL

      Double India Pale Ale’d Lager (DIPL)

      A cross between a DIPL and a DIPA. Although still flavorful, the subtleties of three types of north western hops (Chinook, Cascade & Columbus) shine through because of the lighter and more drinkable ale’d lager backbone. It’s a new hybrid beer style of its own that any hophead will enjoy. 9.3% ABV

    • Ready to Mingle w/ Calamansi *NEW*

      Belgian Single w/ Calamansi

      Referred to as an Enkel ("Single" in Dutch) or Patersbier ("Fathers Beer") the Belgian single is the "lawnmower" beer of the Belgian Monks.  This sessionable style does not get in the way of one's daily endeavors like the higher gravity trappist styles would tend to do. The addition of 30lbs of fresh Calamansi (Filipino citrus lime fruit) give this light belgian a refreshing citrus lime finish reminiscent of certain popular sour beers available today.  5.0% ABV

    • Snashter Bez

      Snashter Bez

      Inspired by the Scotch Ale, this beer traditionally goes through a long boil in the kettle for a caramelization of the wort. This produces a deep copper to brown colored brew. Compared to Scottish Ales, this is sweeter and fuller-bodied.  Higher in alcohol, the Scotch Lager has a much more pronounced honey and caramel malt flavor.  7.1%ABV